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We all come from different walks in life. We all have a story.
Sometimes the things we go through are not only to teach us a lesson but to help others who later on will be going through the same thing. God is intentional!
In this section, I will feature mamas who are willing to share their inspiring testimonies with us. Let their stories encourage you. If she can overcome, so can you!
 Your story is worth sharing!
If you would like to use your testimony as a means of encouragement for other women, contact me!

Prior to our child being born, my husband and I traveled anywhere and everywhere, every opportunity we had!

We started a travel log of all of the places we wanted to travel to and all of the places we’ve been to, together. 
Now, we have started a new log that will include all of the places we’ve traveled to as a family.

Every time we travel I will blog about our experiences and I will give tips on how to have MORE fun and LESS stress while traveling with a little one!

About Me 

Hello lovelies! My name is Alexa and I am the mama behind The Powerful Mama Blog.

I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister. I have embraced the challenges that come with being a woman and I am here to tell you that we were built for this!

In this blog… you can count on being inspired and encouraged to pursue life and motherhood wholeheartedly.
You can trust in my recommendations on anything and everything that I think is worth sharing and lastly, you can follow me on my journey as a first time mama!

Thanks for reading!

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