5 Reasons Why Natural Birth Is Amazing

When talking with other moms, especially moms to be or moms who just had babies, the topic of giving birth always seems to surface in conversation.

When I was pregnant I loved to hear about the experiences other moms had when giving birth.

Now that I have a baby, I’m the one my friends ask!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I did A LOT of researching throughout my pregnancy. A great deal of my research was on different types of birthing methods.

After much reading, talking with other moms, and going to a childbirth class, I decided I wanted to stick with having a natural birth-unmedicated approach.
Once I made my decision, I was so adamant about going this route, it was as if I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

I also remember thinking that if I never had children after this one, at least I was able to experience every stage of labor and delivery without feeling the side effects of medications.

My labor and delivery went pretty smooth compared to the stories I’ve heard from other moms. Of course, I wasn’t saying this at that moment, but thinking back on it, for a first-time mom I did pretty well!


I didn’t scream or break my husband’s hand, I didn’t kick the doctor or yell at the nurse. What I did do was grip onto the hospital bed arm handle for dear life and pressed my forehead on it so hard that the buttons to change the TV were marked on my forehead upon release! (My mom thought it was pretty funny and tried to hide her smirk but I saw you ma!)

I was in labor for 5 hours and I only pushed for 22 minutes before my little ray of sunshine popped his head out!
After I gave birth, I was exhausted and in so much pain to say the least! But a few days later, I felt empowered to know that I pushed that little guy out all by myself. What an AMAZING body God has given us! Not only are we able to carry children in our wombs for 9 whole months, but we can also deliver them into this world with the sole strength of our bodies.


Don’t get me wrong, giving birth naturally was NOT easy. It was very, very painful. My mom told me that at one point she thought I was going to pass out from all of the pain that I was in. But you know what? A wise friend told me something beautiful a few days before I gave birth, she said

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine, remember, our bodies were made for this,” and that was what I kept repeating to myself until he arrived.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Natural Birth Is Amazing:

#1 – Our bodies prepare for this moment even before we can feel it

#2 – Our bodies speak to us with aches and pains letting us know when the time is almost near

#3 – The pain of contractions are what guide us in delivery

#4 – We are able to actively participate in the delivery process, we have all control over what we can make our bodies do

#5 – We don’t have to worry about the side effects that medication may cause us or our newborns at the moment or in the long run

#6 – *BONUS* There is a sense of confidence and empowerment that comes with giving birth naturally

If you don’t think our bodies are powerhouses, think again-or wait until you give birth!

Things to keep in mind if you choose to go natural:

  • Doctors will not give you any form of medication unless medically necessary or you ask for it
  • If you feel that you may need extra, professional support, you may want to hire a doula
  • You may want to pick a birth center or a birthing place that is open to natural births-you can also conder an at home delivery
  • You may go in with this plan but end up doing something else, and that’s okay!

REMEMBER, everyone’s tolerance to pain is very different!
I can tell you that giving birth naturally was so painful that I almost passed out, but your experience may be completely different, for the better or for the worse- That’s the honest truth.

Things to consider when getting an Epidural:

  • The medication is administered by way of a tube that is inserted into your spine
  • Your body can enter into a relaxed state which could speed up or delay the labor
  • You may need to be given Pitocin to increase contractions
  • You may not feel your contractions
  • You can have a loss of sensation in your body (This can later lead to vacuum extraction or forceps delivery)
  • If your heart rate drops, your baby’s heart rate can drop as well

Things to consider when getting pain medications:

  • They do not numb the body like an epidural, they block the pain by working with the nervous system
  • They can cause drowsiness or put the body in a calming state
  • If administered too close to the time of delivery, the baby can be affected and may appear to be sedated upon delivery
  • The pain relief is not as strong or as long as an epidural
  • Pain medications can increase the chance of nausea, vomiting, and a drop in blood pressure

The best advice I could give you beyond everything that is in this post is to think your options through and do what is best for you!

Despite the birth method you choose, make sure that you do the following:

DO find a supportive doctor

DO develop a birth plan

DO NOT go crazy with the childbirth stories of other moms – Every single mother has a different experience

DO take a childbirth class with your partner to know what to expect

DO prepare physically and mentally

DO follow your heart and mama instincts

DO NOT beat yourself up if your birth plan doesn’t go the way you envision it

Lastly, DO REMEMBER, our bodies were made for this! You got this mama!


Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn, do you have an awesome natural birth story? Have any concerns about childbirth? Comment below!

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  1. Ana k says:

    I’m truly bless with reading your experience in giving birth moment. Even your advices are amazing and it gave me peace. Love you!!! Blessings from PAPA GOD

    1. I am so glad that my experiences are filling you with peace. You are going to do great mama! Remember, we were built for this! Love you more! Blessings to your household and the beautiful gift in your womb. <3

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