A Family Vacation To Remember-DR 2018 Part TWO

I love summer months, not so much because of the hot weather, because I’m honestly a fall and spring kind of girl, but because of all the quality time I get to spend with my family on vacations!

This month we went to the Dominican Republic again. This time to a resort called Barceló Bavaro Palace in Punta Cana.

It was amazing! I truly recommend it to all families! It is VERY family friendly and everyone there is extremely nice and professional! This family vacation was definitely one to remember.


When I say they are family friendly, they really are! They have two awesome kiddie pools, a water park, an arcade/ bowling room, a room with pool tables, mini golf, laser tag, and every buffet area had ice cream machines and sugar cones which was the best part for me (Of course they also had a variety of other really yummy food as well!)


Full-Time Solid Food Eater

Lucas is 10 months old now so he is mostly eating solids. Although this resort was very clean, I am always very skeptical and cautious when eating food from another country, last thing I want is to get food poisoning or something when I’m so far away from home. You can imagine how paranoid I was about Lucas getting sick!

To ease my anxiety about what Lucas was going to eat, I meal prepped for the whole 7 days we were going to be there.

Just before the trip, I purchased these Baby Squeeze Storage Pouches from Amazon to try them out and I fell in love with them! They are super easy to prepare, easy to clean and easy to feed from! They are great for traveling with little ones and they are very reasonably priced! I LOVE them! Click here to see how I meal prep for Lucas.

Dreadful parent moment

So of course as mothers, we try our best to keep our babies safe, healthy and content to the best of our ability, especially when away from home because who wants to deal with an irritable and fussy baby on vacation?

But what do you do when irritability and fussiness is inevitable due to teething?!

Lucas’ top four teeth are coming out, ALL AT THE SAME TIME and just as our vacation was ending, my little guy broke out with a fever and diarrhea for a whole day! It was so heartbreaking to see him like that and it was also very nerve-wracking to deal with that while being away from the comfort of our home! We stayed in our room the whole day resting that day. My husband and I used cold rags to suppress his fever and gave him lots of water and milk to stay hydrated.

The next day his fever went away and we took a trip to a local pharmacy to see if we could find anything that would ease his discomfort. When we asked the pharmacist what they had, she showed us a product that they use over there for teething babies called Cordial de Monell, and when I looked at the ingredients it seemed very homeopathic and looked like it was made with what seemed like all natural ingredients. I felt at ease and bought the product and just when we were about to administer it to our little guy, who was very fussy again, my husband asked if I had googled the product. I paused from getting the medicine ready to give to Lucas and got on my phone.

Thank God for Google!

When I searched Cordial de Monell the first thing that came up were articles of the product being banned from the United States due to infant poisoning because of harmful ingredients it contains. (Ingredients that are not mentioned on the label!) I was so upset but ultimately relieved that I didn’t give it to him! Mamas, always do your research, especially when on vacation. A country like the Dominican Republic is very behind on health research, you can’t really blame them for not knowing these things.

Aside from that fever scare, our family vacation in Punta Cana this time around was amazing. We truly enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be going back to Barcelo in the future! This trip will always be one to look back on, not only because we enjoyed it so much, but because we also learned AND overcame some teething hurdles with our little one. Who said parenthood pauses when you’re on vacation?!

Just in case you are wondering what I ended up doing with Lucas and his teething phase, when I got back home I purchased Camilia, Baby Teething Relief and so far it has been working pretty well for him!