A Mama With a Full House.. And A Big Heart

This month’s Inspirational Mama is a woman whom I admire very much.
She is a woman of prayer, a woman who loves souls, a woman who has established her home on the ultimate foundation, God.

The Inspirational Mama for this month is my friend,
ministerial colleague, and sister in Christ,

Below is her story, BE ENCOURAGED! 

My name is Jessica and I’m a mama of seven!
Yes, they’re all mine! Everywhere we go people ask, I’m already used to that question.
I always wanted a big family.
So that means I’ve done everything at least seven times. There is so much about motherhood that I can talk about, but I’ll start here- I became a teenage mom at seventeen.
I remember going in for a checkup one day during the pregnancy of my first born, and my doctor telling me that my baby’s tests were showing that she would probably have Down Syndrome and that I should consider an abortion.
I went home with my future husband that day and cried my eyes out trying to figure out what I did to cause that to happen. We loved our baby either way but I couldn’t help but think that I did something wrong. Fast forward to her birth and glory to God she was born beautiful, healthy, with no Down Syndrome.
Looking back, that was my first experience with mom guilt, which is the topic I’d like to share with all mamas.
My days are full trying to balance being a wife, a mama, a business owner, serving in ministry and still taking care of myself.
I live by lists, calendars, and alarms. I also have an amazing husband as a teammate.
There are many moving parts in my life. On any given day I could be negotiating a bid with an establishment, replacing my children’s glasses for the tenth time, submitting a report for the outreach my church did that week and cooking dinner so that I can get the kids in bed on time to then join my husband at the gym or squeeze in a spontaneous date night with him.
At the end of each day, when everyone is asleep, I reflect on all the things I wasn’t able to check off my to-do list like call my grandma (which is always on the list), or go through messages I haven’t responded to or that dreaded moment of remembering “Oh no, tomorrow is wear a green shirt to school day and I forgot to buy the green shirt!” or the simple thought of remembering if I told them that I love them.
I’ve learned not to beat my self up (as much) anymore, but instead focus on the things I did do.
The more I minister to other moms I learn to treat myself with the same encouragement I give them.
I figure, some days I will rock it as a mom, some days I’ll rock it in business, some days all of the above- but for the days that I fall short on all accounts, I remind myself of my original dream, to give my family the childhood I never had, a life full of love and security. Then I remind myself that I’ve already accomplished my goal, and so it’s just a matter of perspective.

When God allows you the privilege of being someone’s mama cherish the time and experience because it really does go by fast.

Be present and make beautiful memories, here’s a hint; the power is in how you make them feel that’s what they’ll never forget.
A Powerful Mama

Here is Jessica and her beautiful family.
You are an inspiration, my friend! Thank you for sharing your story. 

Jessica and her husband are the founders and owners of Imperial Maintenance NYC. They service both commercial and residential maintenance needs in the New York area. Click here to visit their Facebook Page.

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  1. Migdalia Perez says:

    Deacon Jessica is truly an example to look up to and an inspiration on what it means to be a powerful Mama. What a power house she is. Any woman would be blessed to be under her tutelage. She has so much wisdom to offer. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Annette Amaro says:

    Congrats and Blessings Jessica, as your mother in law, I can for sure say that you are hands up the best mom ever and I could not have asked God for a better wife to my son and a sweeter-caring mom to my beautiful grandkids. You are like a ray of light to our family, your love for God and your prayers surely do reach heaven and your heart is certainly made of pure gold. God bless you for the wife, mom, daughter and daughter and sister in law you are. Congrats!

    Continual Blessings,
    Annette Amaro

  3. Luz says:

    I know Jessica and the whole family personally . They are my nieces and nephews..Jessica is amazing….she’s an inspiration to many….god has given her the privilege to be a wonderful mother of 7 and a wonderful wife…..and she has done an outstanding job ….💪💪💪💪💪powerful women

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