A Single Mama’s Triumph

The highlighted person for this week’s inspiration is a woman of valor and integrity. A woman who many people look up to, including me.
She is a woman full of strength and courage, someone who I’ve always aspired to be like.

The Inspirational Mama for this week is MY MAMA!

I asked my mom to share a bit of her testimony and give some encouraging words to those in need of them. Below is her response.
If she can, so can you.

I gave birth to my firstborn at the age of 19.
I had just finished graduating from High School and having a baby was not something I had planned. My parents had sent me to the United States from Puerto Rico so that I could get what they thought would be the best education.
When my family found out that I was pregnant, I became a disappointment to many.
Then, my second jewel came at the age of 21.
That was the year that I lost my father and my brother 3 months apart. It was a dark season of my life. I carried that pain and suffering for many years.
Through the struggles of life, financial and emotional, a divorce occurred after a 10-year relationship with the father of my kids. As a single mother, things became a bit more difficult, but my kids were my inspiration.
I managed to take online courses with the University of Phoenix and completed my degree in Accounting.
Throughout all of this, I was told that I was stupid and was never going to become anything in life. Since I had a language barrier, my confidence was already very low and I almost believed it.
Those words impacted my life. I began trying to find myself. I would ask myself, ‘who am I and what am I here for?’
I started to seek help.
Thank God for the positive people he sends to come across your path and impart life into you! During a conversation, someone told me “remember, you are a mother first, before even being a woman.”
I took those words to heart and shifted my perspective to tend to the needs of my kids before my own needs.
But I needed to be healed and stabilized in order to do that. I pushed myself.
I got jobs that I was able to learn and get paid for at the same time. I provided for my children without asking anyone for help.
I became an independent woman, secure of herself. Paying my own bills, driving my own car and working at a good job.
But I cannot take the credit, I would not have been able to accomplish any of that if I had not found Christ.
I had an encounter and from that point forward I developed a relationship with my creator, the owner of my life, the lover of my soul, my God, Lord and Savior! If it wasn’t because of that encounter, I would not be here.

I thank God for every trial, every tear, every success and most of all for guiding me every step of the way.

Now, I have the privilege to serve as a Minister of the Church of God, teaching the gospel and guiding women to find the love I found, Christ.
To top it off, after 14 years of the single life, God sent me a wonderful, loving husband who has a heart for God and is willing to move forward with me in ministry.
My kids continue to be super blessed and I am beyond proud of them, they are becoming what God has created them to be.
My advice to all women and single mothers is to trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding! Be patient and wait because, in the moment that you least expect, everything will fall into place–even when you think it’s out of place. We are imperfect but we serve a God that is perfect and with His loving care he will turn those imperfections for your triumph.”

-Rev. Nellmari Suliveres

Thanks for being such an inspirational and powerful mama, mom!

If this has inspired you or touched your heart please feel free to comment below.

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  1. Thanks for reading Crystal! 🙂

  2. I love how you give Christ all the credit!! Great read!

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