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This Inspirational Mama holds a dear place in my heart. She has taught me more about life and motherhood than she’ll ever know.
Read about how she balances her home, her children, her husband, and her sanity!

Hello mamas, My name is Marlene. I am a stay at home mom of 2, wife, and children’s yoga teacher.
Being a loving mother, having patience with my children, balancing work and family — that part is doable.
Being a loving mother, having patience with my children, balancing work and family and STAYING SANE?? Now that is a CHALLENGE!!!
I will admit the challenges of trying to be the perfect mom, being pulled in different directions by family, organizing and managing your life and the lives of your children and in some cases your husband !!! Then you have chores, cooking, cleaning, teaching, listening, compromising, remembering- so much remembering…etc. Eat, sleep, repeat. All of this can really take its toll on anyone, especially busy mothers.
Although I am still not totally sane, there are a few ways I try to de-stress.

It’s important to remember to honor ourselves every day so we don’t lose our MINDS!

Here are some ways I choose to honor myself during the week by taking some time to do the following:
Yoga- Having a daily yoga practice has changed my life. Yoga helps keep both my mind and body strong and balanced.
Taking a walk- With or without my kids (This can be good mommy and me time too) Anytime I’m feeling anxious or ungrounded, a short walk outside can be just enough to help me feel connected to the universe again.

Connecting with other like-minded moms- When I first became a stay at home mom, I joined a local mom group, not just online but one that actually meets in person on a regular basis. I met other moms just like me, made friends, swapped stories and our kids became friends. Women are great at forming bonds and creating a sisterhood environment when we get together so knowing you have a group of friends you can feel safe with and be yourself with is critical for every mama, I encourage you to go out there and find your tribe!
And lastly…
Asking for help- This I don’t do as often as I should but sometimes a mom just needs a helping hand. Whether it’s a babysitter, someone to run an errand for you or just words of encouragement. Now, I know this is hard, especially for me, many people think that asking or accepting help is a sign of weakness. It is NOT. More importantly, accepting help from anyone who offers is actually empowering because it gives you the opportunity to not only lighten your load but by opening yourself to receive the support you’re allowing God to bless you with more love and abundance.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute!

Thanks for sharing your tips Marlene! Busy moms ALWAYS need to be reminded to value themselves to be able to give their best to their families.

Marlene is the founder and headteacher at Yoga with Marlene in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Check out her site for more details!

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