Baby’s FIRST Airplane Trip

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Prior to Lucas arriving, my husband and I loved taking spontaneous trips to different parts of the world.

After our trip to Spain (you can read more about that trip here) I told my husband that we would need to take a break from traveling for a while because of the baby.

Well, we waited a bit, but then an opportunity came up for us to go away and we jumped on it and decided to go to Florida. The baby wasn’t tiny anymore so I wasn’t as paranoid, but traveling with a baby is honestly A LOT of work!

I thank God for Lucas though, he is such a good baby.

He was fine when we got to the airport, observing everything as usual. After maybe an hour and a half of going through TSA and grabbing something to eat, he started to get really fussy. Luckily, by that time our flight was already boarding so I got on as soon as I could and I gave him his bottle. He was asleep in minutes and slept for almost the entire flight!

Every time my husband and I heard a baby cry we would look at each other and then look at Lucas, we agreed that he was such an angel!

 Here we are before the plane took off and before I gave him his bottle.
(You can see he wasn’t really in the mood for this picture.)

When we got to Florida everything went pretty smooth. We got to our hotel, changed our clothes and went to visit my grandparents. They had yet to meet him so they were so thrilled to be able to squeeze him and play with him.

Of course, Lucas was loving all of the attention!

The next day we went to visit more family and that was pleasant as well.

On the third day, my husband, Lucas and I decided to do a little family bonding.
First, we went on a nature walk.

I asked him to smile and this was his response.
Such a big personality for such a small little guy! Haha!
I’m using the¬†Infantino Baby Carrier.

After that, we went to a shopping center.
I’m not sure what was going on with Lucas’ intestines that day but my little sunshine boy had a total of THREE blowouts in less than 5 hours. After the second one, I had to buy him a whole other outfit because I ran out of extras!
This is why I stress bringing lots of extra clothes in the Baby Travel Packing List post. That was such a mess–literally!

After that day the weather wasn’t so great. We planned to take a dip in my aunt’s pool the next day, but it was cloudy and a bit chilly. I still put on his Paw Patrol swimming trunks to show them off, but he’ll just have to wait to experience the pool when we go to the Dominican Republic! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing all the details about that trip as well!

Thanks for reading!