Beginners Guide to Traveling With Homemade Baby Food

Traveling with a baby can be a headache in itself.

Traveling with a baby plus homemade baby food can also be a hassle.

Lucky for you, I’ve done it a couple of times already this year so I put together this guide to ease your anxiety about traveling with homemade baby food.

Preparing Homemade Baby Food For Vacation

On our first trip to the Dominican Republic this year I totally bombed it. I meal prepped for so long and I froze all of the foods, but guess what? I didn’t even check if we would have a microwave in our room!

I had prepped all of the baby’s meals in the Sage Spoonful Glass Baby Food Jars, so I had to deal with the hassle of warming up the baby’s food, under hot water from the sink and depending on the texture of the food, sometimes it wouldn’t even warm up well or it would warm up but stay really clumpy (maybe because I didn’t puree it enough.) What a headache!

It’s always safer to bring things from home to feed your baby when traveling internationally, or when going anywhere that you may be required to eat out.

First, you don’t know where the chefs are getting their food from (can, warehouse, farm etc.)
Second, everyone has their own recipes with their own “secret ingredients” and you just never want to put your baby at risk of eating something they may be allergic to or give them something that they have never been exposed to while you are in another country– that’s just my opinion.

First things first:


So first I calculate how much food we will need for the time away from home.

After that, I meal prep like I would regularly do, you can check out how I meal prep for my baby here.

On our second trip to the Dominican Republic this year I bought Kiddzo Baby Squeeze Storage Pouches from Amazon and they worked so well!

One thing you MUST know about these pouches is that you have to puree the meals as much as possible because any little chunk that’s missed gets clogged in the spout which then makes it difficult for more food to pass through, which can get a bit messy when traveling!

The Kiddzo Baby Squeeze Storage Pouches look like this!

Click the picture to order 50 for just $18.99!
They also come with an attachable spoon which is so helpful when your baby is just learning how to eat from the pouches.

Traveling With Babyfood Airport

Going through TSA can be very intimidating because of all of their rules and regulations when it comes to traveling with liquids and food.

It wasn’t until recently that I got used to traveling with breast milk and baby food.

As most know, all liquids in a carry on bag must be 3.4 oz or less to pass through the x-ray machine without being confiscated by TSA. When it comes to baby food and milk it’s a bit different though.

According to the Transportation Security Administration website, anything over 3.4 oz that is related to the feeding of a child, that is in reasonable quantity, can be brought through TSA but needs to be tested for explosives. Frozen foods, drinks and even gel packs that are used to keep the food and drinks chilled are allowed as well.


What I usually do is freeze all the foods, except the food that I will be giving him throughout that day of travel.

Then, I bring a full bottle or two of pumped milk that I would give him that day.


I put all of the food and drinks together in one insulated lunch box, outside of my baby bag, so that when I go through TSA they only need to pull aside that one bag.

The first time I flew out with the baby I left a little lunch bag with his milk bottles in my baby bag and after I had packed that bag very nicely, they took everything out and disorganized it to check for explosives. You can imagine how annoyed I was.

Ultimately, the TSA workers are just doing their job, so always remember, the more you make their jobs easier, the faster you can get through security and off to your flight. I always say smiles go a long way, and so does kindness!

Preserving Food While on Vacation


Usually when we get to our hotel room, the first thing I do is put the cooler in the fridge.

A lot of times I find that the refrigerator is not as cold as I need it to be to keep the food and milk chilled, so I end up filling a bag of ice from the ice machine and lay the bag on top of the foods and milk in the fridge. So far this has worked very well for me.

In regards to using the Kiddzo Baby Squeeze Storage Pouches, when it’s close to the baby’s feeding time, to warm up the veggies and things like that, putting the pouches under really hot water for a few minutes works perfectly when they are pureed right! The pouches are made to run under hot water, they can’t go the microwave so they truly work perfectly for traveling.

Here’s a tip when pureeing fruits! Don’t add so much water, it can get very messy when squeezing out of the pouches! One of my mistakes during this last trip to DR.

Happy Traveling!

Did you have any important tips about traveling with baby food? Share below!


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