Dear Exhausted Mama..

Exhausted Mama

I’ve ever met anyone more resilient than a mother.

We wear so many hats and always manage to fulfill every responsibility on our plates.

No wonder why we are EXHAUSTED!

We cook.

We clean.

We play.

We work.

We cook some more.

We deal with tantrums.

We change diapers. 

We keep up relationships with others.

We manage businesses.

We do it all.

Motherhood is hard!

We prepare for our busy days but are never really prepared for the toll it will take on us physically and mentally.

And we love our kids so much that sometimes we feel so guilty for being so cranky because we are just SO TIRED! EXHAUSTED!

Sometimes we don’t even know how we are going to make it. Sometimes we don’t even feel like we can go on any longer. 

Those moments can make us feel so low and inadequate. 

But we’re NOT! We are just human!

This post was inspired by my own exhaustion last week. 

I spent weeks preparing for a Vacation Bible School for the children in the ministry that I belong to and though our VBS was only two days, it took such a toll on me! Don’t get me wrong, the Vacation Bible School was a complete success and a beautiful experience for both the volunteers and the children, but you know that on top of planning and executing a successful event, I was juggling mom life with a toddler, wife life, and a home. 

So you see, I know tired, but I also know exhaustion.

Over time I’ve learned to be more “in tune” with my body. I’ve learned to embrace the warning signs that it gives. And so last Wednesday I spent the whole day doing nothing that required my brain to do much work. Yes, I was still on mommy duty, but I took naps, and just rested my mind and body as much as I could. That was sufficient for me.

Today I tell you to get to know yourself.

Get to know your limits. Find what makes you happy, puts you at peace and recharges you. 

Exhaustion doesn’t just go away, it leads to burn out. We as mothers, wives, workers, ministers, whatever other titles we possess, cannot afford to be burnt out. Burn out means we have empty cups, and if we have empty cups then we have nothing to pour into those around us starting with those in our homes. Having an empty cup is us not moving in our full capacity because our minds and bodies are not at a state of equilibrium. It’s when there’s a disbalance in our system that a lot of times takes us out of character. 

A wise woman understands that she can only edify her home if she herself is edified, well-rested and at peace with herself. 

So dear exhausted mama, I understand that your family needs you and that you have responsibilities to fulfill, but your body and mind need you just as much. Give yourself some time to rest and reboot. 

Tomorrow is a new day.  

"Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

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  1. Yes! Definitely balance! Thanks for reading Brittany. <3

  2. This! Us moms forget that we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of our kids the best we can. It’s all about balance. This is a good reminder!

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