Embracing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is beautiful, isn’t it?


So why is it so hard for some of us to feel beautiful as we go through this transition?

When I was pregnant with Lucas I didn’t get over the initial shock of being pregnant for a while into my pregnancy. It was hard for me to embrace that I was going to be a mom.

I worked at an Urgent Care at the time and I was constantly in scrubs. When I wasn’t working, I would throw anything on, that still fit me. I don’t even recall buying one piece of maternity clothing, which at the time I thought was fine since I was still able to fit into regular medium clothes-even at the tail end of my pregnancy!

Thinking back, I wish I would have embraced my pregnancy a little bit more.

Especially the changes my body was going through to nurture the little life I was carrying.

For this pregnancy, I promised myself that I would embrace the nine-month journey!

As moms, we can put off self-care and allowing ourselves to feel pretty in clothes because our bodies are transitioning, but that shouldn’t be the case!


There’s something about wearing those stretchy pants with the extra elastic on the top and a shirt that accentuates my growing belly that makes me feel so beautiful and proud of the life that I am carrying inside of me.

This is why I am so happy to have partnered with PinkBlush Maternity.
Their clothing is super comfy and really helps you feel so beautiful throughout your pregnancy!

The pictures in this post were all taken with one of their gorgeous maternity blouses! I paired this top with some black suede booties and a blush scarf.

Mom Life

I love how soft and flowy this blouse is and how I can continue wearing it as my belly grows! Not only that, but it will definitely come in handy when I begin nursing! All of their Maternity Tops are so versatile!


I love how they have such cute and stylish maternity clothes, from casual to baby shower attire!

So you see, something as simple as buying yourself some maternity clothes can go a long way in helping you to embrace your pregnancy and feel as beautiful as you are.

My point here is to remind you that pregnancy is temporary, and something that many do not get the opportunity to experience.

Yes, there will be no makeup, no shower, only PJs kind of days, and that’s okay!

But on the days where you feel up for it, treat yourself with a little spa time, dress yourself up and embrace the beauty of carrying life.

I hope you find this encouraging mama! <3

Please note: I was gifted with this maternity clothing item from PinkBlush, all views and opinions expressed are my own.