It’s Another Boy!

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I did a poll recently, based on some old wives’ tales, asking for predictions of the gender of our second baby.

The results showed that the majority thought girl, as did I! And I didn’t just think it, I was more convinced than ever. Ha!

Well, the REAL results revealed that:

Baby boy

Yes, you can imagine how shocked I was! If you want to read more on my initial thoughts and reaction, click here.

We opted out of doing a gender reveal gathering this time around since we had just hosted our toddler’s 2nd birthday party, so we found out at our anatomy scan.

Of course, hubby was happy and rubbed it in my face that he knew it all along. I, on the other hand, needed some time to fully process the news!

To reveal the surprise to our family, we sent them this cute little riddle with a picture of our baby boy.

The first letter of each sentence spells out “It’s A Boy.”

We are so happy to be welcoming another little guy into our family.

I really didn’t think that I would be a mom of two boys, but God planned otherwise, and because I know His will is what’s best for me, I am at peace and honored to have been appointed to raise two kings!

This guy has no idea what’ll soon be coming his way 🙂

Thanks for reading and following along in this new chapter of our lives!

Boy moms, I need your support more than ever now!! Tips please?!

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