Natural Products For Our Little Ones

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I’m sure you know of at least one adult that suffers from a skin condition.
I’m sure you know of at least one child who has skin issues.

Have you ever thought about why this happens to people? Or why the number of children being diagnosed with skin issues is increasing?

If you haven’t thought about it don’t feel bad. Prior to my pregnancy with Lucas, these thoughts didn’t cross my mind either.

After doing some research,  I came to the conclusion that sometimes A LOT OF TIMES, companies don’t have your best interest in mind, it’s all about the money. Since money is the motive, instead of the well being of their customers, they put ingredients together that smell good and look nice but aren’t good for our skin.

We, innocent parents who want the best for our kids, fall victim to all the products promoted as “Best for Children” because they are well known and so well promoted!

Did you know that a lot of the care that we give to our skin as adults is to correct what harmful products did to it throughout life? I know, that blew my mind too!

Children’s skin is so delicate and requires nourishment and protection to build strong and healthy skin cells.


Start looking and researching the ingredients of products you use daily.

Notice that some of them are made with really harmful ingredients that may be causing or can potentially cause adverse side effects such as allergies, dry hair, dry skin, even eczema.

During the end of my pregnancy, I drove my husband crazy with all of the information I would find on the types of ingredients some of the most popular products use. I was so skeptical about everything and I accepted my mission to find the most natural and safest products for my baby.

DNA Miracles

Some call it luck, some call it destiny, I say it was all in God’s plan.

A month before Lucas was born I was introduced to DNA Miracles.
I immediately fell in love! It was everything I was looking for in a line of products for babies and kids!

DNA Miracles has products that range from skin care and hair care for children of all ages to dietary products such as vitamins and probiotics for older kids.

All of the skin and hair care products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free; they are made with natural ingredients such as Willow herb, Aloe Vera, and Coconut oil; AND they are safe for children of all ages! All of the dietary supplements contain the correct amounts of nutrients suitable for children and they support proper development. 

So, because I love the products so much, and I love shopping online, it was only right for me to join the awesome team of parents on a mission to give our babies the best!

I became a Shopping Consultant for Market America, which is the company that created DNA Miracles, and now I sell these wonderful products.

It’s great because I get cash back that I can use on other purchases, after purchasing products.

Here’s the DNA Bathtime Box, it’s perfect for trying out four of the best products:

  • Natural Hydrating Baby Lotion (By far my favorite product! It smells so good.)
  • Natural Foaming Wash and Shampoo
  • Natural Diaper Cream
  • Natural Soothing Ointment

I feel at peace knowing that I’m not using anything that could potentially damage or hurt my baby’s skin or body now or in the long run.

I so look forward to continuing using their products as he grows older for his overall wellness.

It’s our duty to keep our little ones safe and healthy so I am so grateful for this line of products.

Click on the icon below where you will be directed to my product page. You can get detailed descriptions of the products and order some for your precious little ones! You too can get cash back on your purchases!

Go ahead and order here!

Comment below if you have any questions! You can email me too!

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