He is the BEST Dad

Fathers play a very significant role in the life of a child.

They are known to be protectors, providers, the rock of the home. Whether fathers realize it or not, their children are watching every move they make and what they see will be instilled in them as they grow up. They may not do all of the things moms do, but the love of a father is so needed and definitely evokes a certain type of confidence in children. 

As a little girl, my dad was my hero. I remember always feeling safe whenever I was with him. This built my confidence.

As I grew up I remember seeing my dad work two jobs to ensure that my brother and I had all that we needed. Seeing this taught me the importance of dedication. Not only to work but to the people you love.

I remember the times my dad would sit with us (my brother and I) and teach us about random things. This instilled in me the love of learning.

I can go on and on about all the different things my dad did that helped build the woman I am today.

Then there’s my husband.

He’s an amazing man! Hardworking like my dad, super smart and caring!

In the two years that he has been a father, he has taught me that being a dad is much more than changing diapers and buying clothes for a child. Being a father is not only thinking about the now but also maintaining focus on the future- the future of our children that is. 

During a conversation we were having after we had recently moved into our new home, he stated that he just wanted to give his family the ‘best’ and that was simply one of the reasons he bought this home for ‘us.’ 

It was then that I realized that the man I married had entered into a new stage of his life. Life was no longer about him, it wasn’t even about him and I! Life was now all about OUR FAMILY. That mentality right there is fatherhood. 

He is truly the man I had always hoped for, for my future children. 

So I know that there are people who didn’t have the opportunity of growing up with a physically present father which is why I cannot go without mentioning this very special dad.

He is our Heavenly Father. 

Boy has he taught me more than I could ever express. 

He has taught me about myself and my identity in Him. He has taught me about life. He has taught me about love. He has taught me about compassion. What hasn’t he taught me? And the best part of it all is that he continues to teach me every day! 

Embracing God as my Heavenly Father has healed areas in my life that I never even knew needed healing. I will never understand the FULLNESS of God’s love for His children, but because I have experienced His love for me, I know how I should love others. That’s Him teaching by example! 

God is the BEST dad there is, and here’s why:

As humans we make mistakes. We are NOT perfect and sometimes break promises. And there is only so much that we humans can have control over in this world!

But God?

He NEVER makes mistakes.

He is patient.

He keeps his promises.

He is the greatest provider.

He is the best teacher.

He is the ultimate protector.

He knows what we need even before we ask for it.

He gives great counsel. 

He is so loving.

He will never leave us. 

He is PERFECT in every way!

Sometimes people get caught up in thinking that God is this majestic being high in the sky that wants no relation with humanity. 

That is so wrong! 

We are God’s creation! He calls us his children. He put so much love and tender care in forming us in the wombs of our mothers. We were a thought in His mind before we were a thought in the minds of our biological parents.

Why WOULDN’T He want a relationship with us? 

So you see, even if you didn’t have a physical dad present, you were never and will never be fatherless.

Our heavenly father, Abba, God, he is the BEST dad around.