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Last week my sister and I spent some QT talking all about our little princess who is to arrive in May! For those who don’t follow me on INSTAGRAM, I mentioned a while back that I am going to be a Titi, aka an aunt! I am so thrilled, I can hardly contain myself every time I see baby girl clothes!

Anyways, we were sharing thoughts about how overwhelming all this baby preparation can be and how planning is a MUST if you don’t want to lose your brains!

After she left, I thought about creating a short list to help my fellow expecting mamas. What I put on this list are things that I find to be a priority during pregnancy, but you by no means need to follow this order. This is just some guidance if you feel overwhelmed. Baby preparation should be fun and exciting, NOT stressful, so enjoy this season of your life, it doesn’t last forever.


Call your doctor

Schedule your first prenatal appointment with your OB/GYN. This doctor is going to be with you throughout your whole pregnancy journey and most likely for delivery. Make sure you are comfortable with them and that they respect all of your decisions. Keep in mind that doctors are usually affiliated with certain hospitals so make sure that your doctor delivers in a hospital that you approve of. If they don’t, this would be the perfect time to switch doctors.

Start prenatal vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins are essential for your baby’s development. I took a plant-based vitamin called Rainbow Prenatal One. You can find them on Amazon, at Target, Walmart and most drugstores. They are pretty large in size but what I liked was that I only had to take it once a day and that it didn’t make me gag or anything like that.

Download baby progress apps on your phone

BabyCenter and Ovia were my absolute favorites because they had so many cute features. Plus, BabyCenter continues giving information and resources about your growing child even after they are born. I still have their app!


Decide when and how you want to announce the news to your family and friends

Don’t feel pressured to announce right away, this is YOUR special moment, embrace it and release it to whomever you feel comfortable with when you’re ready. I waited until I was 4 months pregnant to release the news to my friends but my husband and I did tell our immediate family within the first month of us knowing. Believe it or not, you’re going to need as much emotional support as you can get so tell the people who really matter.



If you’re reading this blog post then I think you got this part covered already. But definitely keep reading as much as you can about pregnancy, babies, parenting, etc. Learn for experienced mamas, learn from experts. Learn the dos and the don’ts. Trust me, you’ll feel a deeper sense of peace knowing that you’re not going into motherhood blindly. Oh, and if you like devotionals, read “Beautiful Pregancy” A 9 Day Devotional by Kim D’Souza on the YouVersion Bible App. I truly enjoyed reading this devotional and it helped me in so many ways.


Brainstorm nursery ideas

This is the fun part! Start brainstorming on how you will integrate your little bundle into your home. Pick a space or a room and start going. You don’t have to finish it in one day, you actually don’t even have to start now, but if brainstorming gets you super excited to start moving like me, then go for it. Remember not to carry anything heavy or expose yourself to strong cleaning odors, they’re not good for the baby! Also, ask for help. Let your partner join in on the fun!

Book a prenatal massage

I’m honestly not even into massages, (unless it’s a hot stone massage given by a tender handed masseuse in Mexico who did a fantastic job relieving some knots on my back while I was on my honeymoon! Haha) but I have heard that these massages are great to alleviate some aches and pains.


Your energy level will probably kick in during this time so take FULL advantage!

Start organizing the nursery

Now it’s time to settle on a theme and start making room if you haven’t done so already. You don’t have to complete it in one day but you do want to start getting the ball rolling because the last thing you want is a baby but no welcoming space for them.

Plan a baby shower or ask someone to do it for you

Let’s be real, whether this is your first baby or not, YOU NEED STUFF. You need diapers, you need wipes, clothes, blankets, etc. Babies are expensive! But the good thing is that 99.9 people LOVE babies and are usually pretty enthused when they have to go baby shopping. So if you’re not going to plan it, that’s fine, but ask someone to plan it out for you. It will be a great way to celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy as well as a great way to receive the essentials things you need for your baby.

Create a registry

People will give you gifts whether you ask for them or not, because who doesn’t like shopping for babies? But we ALL have our own style and taste. So take a day for you and hubby or you and your mama or you and one of your BFFs to go and shop around BuyBuy Baby, or Target or even Amazon and choose the things you like for your baby. Then, you can share your list of preferences with your family and friends on social media, via text or when you send out the invitations to your baby shower.

Have a gender reveal

This is a fairly new tradition and it’s actually pretty fun. I did a very small one when I was pregnant with Lucas. It’s supposed to be a surprise for everyone including you who is expecting, but if you’re very anxious as I was, I found out before everyone else and just did the surprise for my family. This is not one of the MUST DO things but it’s a fun thing you can do if you’re up for it.


Go on a baby-moon

This is so important mama! It doesn’t have to be anywhere extravagant if you don’t have the funds, but just have a small getaway with your hubby. It’s a great way for you guys to connect and simply enjoy each other’s company before your baby comes in the picture. My husband and I did it a few times throughout my pregancy and it was so worth it.

Request a breast pump from your insurance

Most insurances cover a variety of different breast pumps so take advantage and call your insurance company to find out what you’re eligible for. You’ll be surprised to find out what you’re eligible for if you just ask. I was actually informed that my insurance covered the cost of a birthing class if I decided to go to one- I ended up picking a free one in my area but that was great news for me. Call and ask! If you like the Medela brand, which is what I used, they actually allow you to input some info to see if your insurance covers their pumps.

Stretch and walk

This is important because if you haven’t already started getting aches and pains, they WILL come. The baby is getting heavy and you want to make sure you keep your body nicely active and flexible for birth AND for comfort as you endure the next few months.


Take a breast feeding class

You’ll appreciate listening to some insight from the professionals. If breastfeeding is what you are passionate about doing, get some tips and tricks before the time comes so that you’re prepared. It helps, trust me! Not all nurses in the hospitals know how to guide a breastfeeding mama, the lactation consultants are trained in this and they are simply amazing at what they do.

Take a child birth or Lamaze class

I found this to be a super beneficial class to attend with my husband. I personally wanted to be prepared for childbirth but I also wanted my husband to be knowledgeable about the process as well. To my surprise, he enjoyed the experience.

Have a baby shower

This would be the perfect time to have your baby shower. You won’t be as tired, and you’ll have 2 months or so to settle all your gifts into the areas you want them to be in.

Start packing your hospital bag

You’re due date is your due date but your baby is going to come when he/she is ready to come! So, get your bags ready mama.


Create a written birth plan

If you have specific preferences you would like the doctors to follow during delivery, write out your birth plan. Most hospitals don’t ask for it but if you give it to them they have to respect it unless there are complications of course. And if your birth plan doesn’t go “as planned” don’t beat yourself up over it, the most important thing is that your baby is born healthy and strong.

Have a pregnancy photo shoot

When I was pregnant with Lucas I didn’t think it was necessary but now I regret not doing it. I hardly have pictures of myself when my belly was big enough to show off! So, take those pictures girl! They will be beautiful to look back on later.


Pick a birth announcement

Think about how you would like to announce the birth of your bundle of joy when they arrive. Do you want to use social media? Send out emails to family and friends? Or the traditional way of sending out birth announcement cards, which I personally still love.

Go on a date with your husband

You’ve almost made it to the finish line, you are about to embark in this new journey called parenthood, but before you get there, squeeze in one last night out just you and hubby!

*Here are some things to keep in mind*

It’s never too early to:

  • Start thinking of baby names
  • Start taking monthly/weekly belly pictures
  • Go for a tour of the hospital you plan to give birth at
  • Wash and put away baby clothes

Enjoy every moment of it, pregnancy is truly a wonderful experience if we simply embrace the journey. 

Want a pretty printable of this list?

CLICK ON THIS LINK -> Pregnancy To Do List

For those veteran mamas reading this post, did I miss anything? Feel free to comment below!

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