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Baby announcement

It usually starts off with a missed period. 

But according to my husband I was reacting irrationally to little things before we even knew.

All we know for sure now is that we are expecting our SECOND little blessing who is estimated to arrive in the beginning of March 2020! 

Baby announcement

I always knew I want more than one but I didn’t think they would come this soon. No, we did not plan to have a second baby just yet! (Considering the fact that I am about to start my LAST year of obtaining my undergrad degree.) But hey, my midwife could not have said it any better, “There will never be ‘a perfect time’ to have a baby, adjustments will always need to be made to our lives when a little one comes along.” 

So after some time of soaking it all in, (Practically the whole month of August) I’m happy to say that I’m in a good place about the newest addition to our little family. Definitely rooting for TEAM GIRL this time, but we’ll see what God says! 


If you’re wondering, this is how I broke the news to hubby:

Baby announcement

He was shocked, to say the least, but we ultimately hugged it out with smiles. 

We told Lucas that there’s a baby in my belly but he didn’t really seem to understand what we meant, although, he has been EXTRA clingy! He may not understand what’s happening but he definitely senses something going on.

Baby announcement

Alright, so here are some more details that I know you’re wondering about!

  • I am 12 weeks pregnant which makes me due on March 11th.
  • Morning sickness has been kicking my butt!
  • Lucas and his sibling will be about 2 years and a half apart.
  • I am totally TEAM GIRL but grateful either way!
  • We plan on having a home birth which is pretty exciting for me, so if you have experience in this please share!
  • Lastly, I’m pretty nervous about being a mom of TWO sooo mamas with more than one, tell me EVERYTHING I need to know about how to juggle MORE THAN ONE MUNCHKIN!

Thanks for sharing this excitement with us! <3

Baby coming soon

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  1. Haydee K. says:

    Wonderful news!

  2. Glenda says:

    🤗🥰 Congrats hunny! Can’t wait !!

    1. Thanks sunshine <3

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