Our FIRST Family Vacation- DR 2018

So we just got back from our family vacation to the Dominican Republic.

Nicely tanned skin and legs full of mosquito bites! That’s usually how it goes when traveling to the Caribbean.

The flight there was about 3 hours and change and of course, Lucas was the best-behaved baby on the plane. Thank God! I was so afraid that he would act out being that the flight was a bit longer than the other flights we’ve been on.

Lucas is now eating solids (Click here to read on how I meal prep) so for this trip, I had to bring almost a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Traveling with baby food can be a hassle! Or maybe it just felt that way since it was my first time doing it.


We stood at Bavaro Princess Resort in Punta Cana.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this resort being that our experience there was not very pleasant.

Aside from the AC in our room not working properly, receiving horrible service at each restaurant every night, and basically getting robbed since someone decided to forge my husband’s signature at a restaurant and buy things under his name, and then the resort’s manager threatening us to pay the bill or we couldn’t leave the resort, one of my main concerns was the fact that the resort is advertised as family friendly, but people are allowed to smoke anywhere. I can’t tell you how many times we had to move from where we were sitting or pass through polluted air with our little one because people were allowed to smoke anywhere.

So because of that, and all of the other things I mentioned, and more, I wouldn’t recommend that resort for a family vacation.

Despite the complications, we had fun spending quality time with each other.

We made the most of our time and soaked in the joy of experiencing life with our little one.

Lucas was able to experience the beach and pool for the first time and he loved both.

He loved the beach so much that he was eating the sand.

(At the beach we used this awesome Beach Tent from Amazon that protected him from the sun and served as the perfect little nook for naps!)

And the pool was just the best experience for him.

(They actually had a cute little kiddie area and pool that was only like 2-3 feet deep.)

We spent the majority of our days at the beach or in the pool and if we were not in the water or sand we were at the buffet eating our faces away!

Even the baby enjoyed some of the buffet, he got to taste bread (which is one of his favorite things to eat even tho he can’t even chew it well since he only has 2 teeth!) as well as some fruits and veggies on the days he didn’t like what I prepared for him.

I tried not to give him too much of the resort food being that it all seemed very greasy, even some of the mixed veggies looked like they were soaked in butter.

We took some awesome family pictures on the beach and under palm trees so that we never forget our first family vacation!

I can’t wait to scrapbook them!

The most important thing I learned from this trip was that family time is very much needed.

It’s great to get away from the normal routine to just enjoy the company of loved ones.

These are the moments we should live for.

Seeing my son’s reaction in the water and in the sand was priceless.

These are the memories that will last forever, and these are the memories I choose to remember from this trip!



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