Playa Del Carmen, Mexico-2019

First off I should say that prior to this trip we (my husband and I) had already visited the beautiful country of Mexico. Since I had such a great experience the first time around, I had high expectations for this trip.

Our first time in Mexico was for our honeymoon a few years back. This time was a little different of course, we had Lucas and we brought along some family!

We stood at Paradisus Playa Del Carmen La Esmeralda. This resort is the sister resort of Paradisus Playa Del Carmen La Perla which is the resort right next to the one we stood at. They’re owned by the same company but Esmeralda is for families with children while La Perla is for adults only. 

We enjoyed our stay at Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Esmeralda! The resort is very kid friendly, everyone there is nice and helpful and although it’s just a great place to make memories as a family.

Specific things I loved about the resort:

You never feel like an outcast with a crying or yelling child because there are children everywhere and for breakfast, lunch and dinner there are usually kids at every other table around, so crying and yelling is normal.

There are two big water slide areas for children-one near the larger pools of the resort and another in a private section of the resort. The one that’s in a more private area has bigger slides and a deeper pool for older kids and even adults. The perk about this is that it’s included with your stay. NO EXTRA FEE!

This resort has a child care service called Kids Club that from the looks of it is really fun. I read a lot of reviews on it and it seems like everyone loves this option for the kids. Since Lucas is one 1 and a half I didn’t feel entirely comfortable leaving him with strangers, nor did I have any reason to since we didn’t really do anything where he couldn’t be with us, but I thought it was great that parents had this option. They took kids from as young as 12 months. 

Travel tips I learned from this trip:

  • Bring enough diapers for your whole trip

I failed when it came to this. I didn’t pack enough diapers and had to buy 3 packs of diapers at the resort store which only came with 4 diapers each! Oh, and they were $5 for each package. Please don’t make the same mistake I did!

  • If your child doesn’t drink cow milk, like mine, make sure to bring your own alternative.

We brought along Silk Almond Milk Singles that are 8 oz each and they were perfect for our whole trip. (This was my mom’s brilliant idea! Don’t know what I’d do without her!) So the resort did have almond milk but they usually took a while to bring it and they would always bring it in a cup instead of a sealed container or something. Bringing your own is so much easier and much more convenient to just keep in your refrigerator in the room. 

  • Traveling with family makes travel with a toddler easier!

From going through the motions at the airport, to being in a plane for a certain amount of hours, to then doing pool and beach every day for a week with a sand eating, chlorine drinking little being- traveling with a toddler is draining! I mean the memories you make are endless but traveling will never be the same as it was before you had a baby! I must stay though, traveling with family does make the trip a bit easier and more enjoyable. If your family is as helpful and supportive like mine, you might want to consider a family vacation with family outside of your household.

So, if you’re looking for a place to go with your family this summer, I give this place a big thumbs up! If you’ve been here before please share your experience below! I’m sure mamas would love to hear more feedback.

Happy summer y’all! 🙂