Texas Adventures

So last week Lucas went on his second airplane trip, this time to Texas.

The next trip we had planned after Florida was supposed to be to the Dominican Republic but hey, who says we can’t be spontaneous every once in a while?

The purpose of this trip was to visit our friends who just had their beautiful baby boy, Ian.

What a blast we had!

Heading to Texas

Lucas was great at the airport and slept for the majority of the flight heading over there. When he woke up, we had about an hour left until landing. His new thing is yelling so you can only imagine how many times we had to “shh” him until we landed! Thank God we were sitting in the back, and luckily Lucas wasn’t the only child in our row! There was another little boy on the other side of our row and he was crying uncontrollably for about 30 minutes until we landed. I felt bad for him but I was kind of relieved that it wasn’t my child causing up a ruckus.

First STOP: Denton

We landed at the Dallas International Airport pretty early so we had the whole day to explore. Our first stop was in Denton, Texas where we picked up some tacos from Taco Casa. The tacos were great, very similar to Taco Bell. Then we headed to where we would be staying for the next few days to freshen up and drop our things off.

Second STOP: Waco

After that, we headed to Waco, Texas, home of one of my favorite shows of all times! FIXER UPPER from HGTV.
There, we visited the Magnolia Market at The Silos and had some crepes from their yummy food trucks.

The store is filled with beautiful home decor, my favorite items were the ones inscribed with bible verses and inspiring quotes. The location as a whole is very family friendly, it is very easy to maneuver around the store with a stroller, and if you want to go downstairs, they have an elevator that is easily accessible.  Outside of the store, they have a big open space decorated with fake grass, bean bag chairs, picnic tables, and large-family size-wooden swings, surrounded by the yummy food trucks I mentioned before. They also have a little garden store which I enjoyed since I’m considering testing out my green thumb very soon!

(Here are a few pictures I was able to take before my phone died.)


Next Up: The Colony

For dinner that night we enjoyed some good ol’ southern BBQ. Hard Eight BBQ in The Colony, Texas was where we stopped next. I’m not much of a fan of barbecue because I DO NOT like tasting charcoal, but I must admit the ribs at this place were pretty tasty! This restaurant is also family friendly. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a lot of smoke coming out from where they were grilling and my friend and I had to wait outside with the babies because we didn’t want them to inhale all the smoke. They do have a nice outdoor seating area so we didn’t mind taking in the little breeze.

The Next Day: Sightseeing all over TEXAS

The next day we decided to go sightseeing. We went ALL OVER TEXAS since our friends were determined to convince us to move down there. They showed us homes, communities that were in the process of being built and the huge farmlands in which I aspire to have one day.

They stopped at a few of their favorite fast food places and I tried IN-N-OUT Burger for the first time. I also indulged in one of Sonic’s famous fruit slushies for the first time. Real strawberry mixed with lemonade is amazing! I didn’t get a picture of that, sorry!

Lucas was a great baby throughout our sightseeing. There were a few times where he got very fussy but it was due to the heat and being in his car seat for too long. Here he is sitting in the car while we ordered from Sonic. Look at that smile-it melts my heart every time.

For dinner that night we had Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Sanger. My Lord, this place was amazing!
It’s a family-style country food restaurant and every dish there is simply delicious. I really recommend this place to anyone that will be in the area. Everyone is super friendly and like I said, everything, down to the biscuits are finger-licking worthy!

That was pretty much it for our trip. Our flight was the next day in the afternoon so we spent the whole morning just hanging out with our friends and Baby Ian until it was time to leave.

I really did love Texas, but I don’t think I can live in that heat!

Any Texans checking out the blog?

Thanks for reading!

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