The THREE Things I Learned Throughout My First Year Of Motherhood

The moment I knew I was pregnant up until about my eighth month of pregnancy I lived day by day in what seemed to be an alternate reality.

Was I really about to embark on this journey called motherhood?

I had the symptoms, I had the look, but emotionally and mentally I did not feel like a mother.

In my post about my encounter with motherhood, I talk all about how it didn’t hit me until months after Lucas was born.

Fast forwarding 12 months later, to the present day.

Last weekend we celebrated Lucas’ FIRST birthday. It’s truly amazing how time flies by!

If I had the opportunity to turn back time, I probably wouldn’t because in this first year of motherhood I have learned so much about myself! I also gained a higher respect for all mothers.

Prior to motherhood, I considered myself to be very independent, I liked being able to do things at my own pace. I loved being able to get up and go whenever I wanted to. I loved doing things for myself. I loved buying things for myself. I loved pampering myself, and the list goes on.

Then I became a mom.

One of the first lessons I learned when I became a mother was selflessness.

When you’re not a mom yet and you hear about the sleepless nights, unpleasant body changes, and not getting out of the house much because you have a newborn, you think, “Geez, mom life is rough,” but you don’t know what “rough” is until you go through it.

Working with kids and being around kids throughout life is nothing compared to the moment you have your own kids. The game is completely different and so the first few weeks of motherhood feels like you’re just trying to survive after being thrown into the wilderness!

But, it’s not ALL that bad!

It was very overwhelming at first, but I realized that motherhood is also innate.

Without prior knowledge or instruction, I found myself caring less about my lack of sleep and caring more about making sure my little baby felt comforted when he cried at night. I stopped caring about the aches and pains that came after childbirth and focused on nurturing my precious little blessing. I didn’t care much to go hang out or go shopping because I just always wanted to be around to protect my little one.

My life wasn’t just about me anymore, my world revolved around this tiny human being.. and I was okay with that.

Shortly after embracing the lesson of selflessness, I learned the true meaning of strength. Not so much physical strength but the strength of a mother.

When I say strength I mean resilience, aptitude, courage, endurance and in some definitions, it defines strength as power.

I understood the true strength of mothers on one of those sleepless nights where my child wouldn’t sleep but rather cried hysterically despite everything I did to try to calm and comfort him. It was a night that I was just tired of being tired. I had a migraine from the combination of lack of sleep and the penetrating cries of my baby.

It was one of those hard nights that the thought of giving up came to my mind.

Then I thought, “How do other mothers do this? How did my mom do this? How do mothers around the world with more than one child do this?”

It all balls down to strength, resilience, patience, and selflessness.

It was in that very moment that I felt empowered by all of the mothers I have ever met, and by the ones I didn’t know!

I thought to myself, “How can I even think about giving up when there’s a life that depends on me, on all of me!”

Mothers down the line of history weren’t as privileged to live in the world we live in today yet, they endured their difficult times and raised their children just fine.

Women in third world countries today may not have what we have, yet they are still enduring and raising their children to the best of their ability.

Motherhood can’t kill us, it literally only makes us stronger.

That night I felt such a sense of gratitude and respect for my mother. For all of the years she put up with my selfish behind, not even receiving a “thank you” for all that she endured, sacrificed, and pushed through to give me the life I had.

The last thing I learned throughout this first year of motherhood, and maybe the most important thing I understood was that God gave me a seed, that seed being my son, and he gave me stewardship over him knowing that I would be the perfect person to nurture him and raise him up. 

Everyone has their own theory about everything;

What foods children should and shouldn’t eat, how to discipline, whether or not one should vaccinate, how to teach them to say their first words, what’s good for them, what’s bad for them, and the list goes on.

So what I’ve realized from experience is that first-time mothers get consumed in what others think is right and best for our children and we lose sight of the fact that God has already instilled in us a special wisdom, a maternal instinct as many call it, that believe it or not, guides the decision making for the lives of our children.

God has not called us to be fearful or worried mamas, He has called us to be wise and confident mamas because He knew that we would be the perfect fit for our children!

We aren’t going to be perfect, of course we will make mistakes, but we are doing our very best and that’s all that matters.

It is such a privilege, honor and blessing to be a mama, embrace it, many are praying for the blessing you have.

And that ladies, is what I’ve learned so far about being a mama. Motherhood is a nonstop journey and despite the challenges, I love being able to learn things along the way because that’s exactly what those challenges are there for, growth. They help build me to be the best mother that I can be for my son and that’s what keeps me going!

My FIRST Mother’s Day with Lucas <3


What are some key things that you have learned throughout your motherhood journey?

Please share below!


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  1. Thanks Kimberly <3

  2. This is all so true Brooke! Beautifully said! Thank you for reading and sharing a bit of your insight as well. <3

  3. So raw, so honest.
    Beautiful insight into your first year of motherhood.
    It’s a journey unlike anything else!
    Enjoy the ride!

  4. I’ve learned through my motherhood journey that comparison robs your joy. You can’t compare your mothering style to anyone else’s. Like you said, God give us wisdom and direction in raising our children. We will all make mistakes along the way and never be perfect parents, but with God’s grace we’ll raise our children the best we can. We also can’t listen to what others may say about our parenting. Moms especially feel the “mom guilt” frequently, and we have to tune it out. If we’re loving our kids well, asking God for direction along the way and doing what we feel is best, it really doesn’t matter what others say. God’s view is the most important and He constantly cheers us on and helps us in our parenthood journeys. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insight! I’m sure you’re a wonderful mama! 🙂

  5. Such a beautiful and wonderful testimony Tiffanie! Sometimes God’s way of showing us something isn’t as pleasant as we would like or imagine, but we know that ultimately His plans for us are always good and so we should always just trust in Him and ask Him to show us the lesson behind the difficult moment we go through. And yes, being a mother is such a beautiful blessing, it can get overbearing but their smiles and giggles make it all so worth it! Wait until you hear them say “mama,” your heart is going to melt! Blessings to your precious little family <3

  6. Tiffanie says:

    Although my journey through motherhood has been short, 2 months and 1 week to be exact lol, I have learned SOO much! Being a first time Mama is tough but being a first time Mama blessed with twins is a rollercoaster. The toughest lesson I’ve learned so far is giving up control to my Creator and believing that He has everything working out for the good of my children. The first ten days after giving birth I spent them traveling back and forth from home to the hospital and it wasn’t easy. My daughters were born full term (38 weeks) and were born at healthy weights 5lbs 2oz and 6lbs 9oz) but upon entering my recovery room the both had something doctors call “blue spells”. They both stopped breathing on their own and began to turn blue! I had to sit there as the nurses began to pound my babies on their back to force them to breath and my heart sank. I am the type of person that has had control over my life since I can remember and I always figured out a solution for any problem that came my way but this time I had no solution, worst of all, I had no control. My daughters were later sent to the NICU and there they stood. Gabriella was released 5 days after but Leilani remained for another 5 days which made commuting back and forth ensuring that both babies had the company of their parents, ensuring both babies were fed, loved and cared for that much more difficult. Watching them be poked with needle after needle, searching for places to stick an IV and running out veins was heartbreaking to say he least. Finally, after an emotional breakdown my husband and I got together and I let out a prayer in the little words that I could get out in the midst of my overbearing pain. In that moment we surrendered ourselves, our power, our control and offered our babies up to the only One who has the ultimate power and control. I can take the sleepless nights, the stinky diapies, the spit up scares and everything else that comes with having newborn twins because I rather all that than not having them at all. I thank God for the gift He’s given me and I am humbled by the fact that I have these two precious baby girls that will soon call me mommy but most of all I’m grateful for the lesson that I learned from the very beginning. Now I get to wake up every morning to smiling faces and even little giggles that are starting to form. I get to love another being much, much more than I love myself and every second with them is worth it all. <3

    A very grateful Mama of twin girls

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