The Truth About My Post Baby Bod


Ephesians 2:10

“Even after childbirth?”

YES, even after childbirth.

I didn’t think I would be able to share this so soon! I mean it’s only been 16 months since I’ve had Lucas, but I felt that someone out there needed to hear this.

A few weeks after giving birth to Lucas I was already back to my pre-baby weight. I thought this was nice but I didn’t feel like my old self.

My friends and some family members would comment “Wow Alexa, you can’t even tell that you just had a baby.” or “Did you really just give birth to a child?”

What they didn’t know was that I developed a level of insecurity about my body and just the mere thought of them anazlyzing my body made me uncomfortable!

I felt so thin and flabby. I had stretch marks in weird places other than my belly. I felt like I lost any type of curves I had prior to pregnancy, and I started to lose more weight than I would’ve liked. This started to eat away at my confidence!

We live in such a body-obsessed culture that I let myself fall into the trap of allowing society control the way I perceived my body. I let them define what a beautiful body should look like and I started to really not like mine!

Pregnancy is beautiful. Our bodies have the amazing capability of forming, sheltering, and nourishing another human being inside of us.

I consider this one of life’s beautiful miracles.

Our bodies go through so many changes during pregnancy, but what happens after childbirth?

I’ve heard so many moms talking about how they NEED to have that “snap back body” after childbirth. I’ll admit, I used to say that when I was pregnant myself; but after 16 months post childbirth, I realized some things about our bodies.

First, I learned that our bodies will NEVER be the same again.

No matter how hard we try to “snap back” science tells us that once a baby is in there, THINGS JUST CHANGE!

The second thing I learned is that no ONE body is the same as another.

Many women struggle with weight gain after child birth, many women (like me) struggle with weight loss after childbirth. All of our processes are unique. All of our bodies are different! We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others or to the body image society portrays as perfect because what we end up doing is body shaming ourselves and that is NOT okay!

The third thing I learned is that regardless of the process, our bodies are AMAZING!

Embrace your post-baby body mama! You just carried a WHOLE baby in your womb for 40 weeks or so! Your body gave it’s ALL to protect that baby, nourish that baby and DELIVER that baby!

You may have stretch marks, but who cares, that skin you wear carried your baby! You may not be as “firm,” “solid” or muscular as you used to be, but that’s not something a few exercises can’t fix. You may not look the same as you did pre baby, but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful. You are God’s masterpiece, remember?

As time passes I learn to appreciate my body for all that it’s gone through and all it does to keep me going every day! Our bodies are amazingly POWERFUL! I do hope to get motivated enough to tone up my muscles, but that will come in time. <3

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14

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  1. I needed this info thanks!

  2. Thanks so much for reading Sarah! I am glad you enjoyed it! <3

  3. Such a good message to share with women, Alexa! Yes, we certainly live in a body obsessed culture where no one is off the hook it would seem- even pregnant and post pregnant women. I’m glad you shared the other side of the equation with skinny women who may feel less curvy than they would like post pregnancy. My grandma had to gain weight after each of her 5 pregnancies and wanted to be curvaceous herself. This especially makes sense given that the Marilyn Monroe body type was considered to be the most ideal in her time. All that to say, yes, you are so right that we should consider our bodies as God’s masterpiece.

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