Things To Pack To Keep a Toddler Entertained on a Plane

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So this year our family vacation was to Mexico. That was about a 4-hour plane ride in addition to the time waiting to board the plane at the airport.

That’s a lot of time to keep a very energetic toddler at bay!

I’m not going to tell you that traveling with a toddler is easy, because it’s really not. But what I will say is that if you are well prepared, it does go much smoother. 

So for our trip to Mexico this year I bought Lucas a cute little bookbag leash which I found for a great price at Walmart! I was originally just looking for a leash to keep him close at the airport, but I fell in love when I saw this one attached to a small bookbag. The bookbag came in handy because that’s what I used to store all of Lucas’ toys for the plane ride.

Every child is different, so the best advice that I can give you, even before you read what I packed for Lucas, is to find what your child likes and pack it. Kids also like seeing and trying new things so if it’s within your budget, head to your local dollar store and pick up some nick-nacks that your child might be interested in. 

For this trip I packed the following items:

  • A yarn ball- It’s soft, doesn’t roll very far and Lucas is entertained by its texture
  • 1 Small play car
  • 1 Small animal figurine
  • 6 Small lego pieces
  • 3 foam puzzle pieces
  • 3 stackable cups (which came in handy at the beach)
  • 1 plastic Easter egg (Lucas loves to hide things in them)
  • 2 mini books
  • 1 coloring book and a few crayons

Everything except the coloring book it in his little bookbag.

Although I really don’t like using technology to entertain my child, we did bring our iPad and some child-friendly headphones for emergency purposes. Luckily we only had to pull it out twice for a very short period of time since Lucas was more enamored with TVs on the plane.

Other ideas of things to pack are:

  • Playdough in a bag
  • Window stickers
  • Felt Activity Mats (Target has great options in their Bullseye section!) has a whole library of free printable worksheets and activities that you can take along with you as well!

Take a dive under the sea and practice pencil grip and eye-hand coordination with this fun maze.

Visit for more engaging games and activities like this one!

Last, but definitely not least, SNACKS! Snacks are lifesavers so pack all of your child’s favorites!

I wish you nothing but successful travels with your little ones this year!

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