Baby Travel Packing List

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There is so much to consider when traveling with an infant! I have partnered up with Zoe Withers, co-founder of to come up with an awesome travel packing list for your baby!
This article will save you so much time instead of going through a mental list of everything you need to travel, we got it all here for you.

There’s no such thing as “packing light” for an infant. Lucas pooped on every single outfit I brought for him, except his PJs! Tip # 1-Bring extra clothes. Bring extra pampers.

(Unfortunately, that means you’re the one that may need to pack a little ‘lighter’ unless your child has his/her own luggage, of course.)

Despite the location, you should always pack:

Now, if you are thinking about bringing a portable crib, which I recommend since I tried to cosleep with my infant on vacation and ended up with a knot in my neck; Zoe put together a list of the TOP 5 TRAVEL BASSINETS & INFANT BEDS that every mama should consider. She has picked out a range of beds comparing cost, convenience, and popularity. If you are about to travel with your little one, Zoe has done the research for you, all you have to do is take your pick!

Tip # 2-Always check the weather in the location you are traveling to prior to heading out, you wouldn’t want to bring only summer shorts when the temperature is going to be in the low 70s!

If you’re going to a hot and sunny place like Florida don’t forget:

  • Sunscreen (I love using Babyganics Sunscreen Lotion because it’s a natural product with no harmful chemicals)
  • Sun Hat
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses? (I didn’t find a need for this but after arriving to Florida my husband felt compelled to make a Target run and buy Lucas a pair)

Make sure to use a comfortable baby bag- I used this one which I got from Amazon for only $15!

It’s very spacious and comfortable on the shoulders.

In your baby bag make sure to have:

  • At least 2 extra sets of clothes
  • Diapers (One for every hour you’ll be out, plus one extra)
  • Wipes (My favorite are WaterWipes)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Prepared bottles/formula
  • At least 3 bibs (Depending on how much your baby drools or spits up)
  • Extra pacifiers
  • Some of your baby’s toys

Be sure to put any liquids in plastic bags to avoid messy leakage.

If you are bringing your car seat like I did, here’s a suggestion for my fellow germ-a-phobes! Get this car seat cover!

It’s completely protected from all the dirt and nasty stuff that’s probably in the baggage area of the plane. It’s super easy to carry around because it comes folded up in a little pouch-I had it in my diaper bag until it was time to board. It also has a strong handle strap which helped my husband carry it around.
This thing is only like $13 on Amazon and it’s available for Prime-It really is a great investment because it’s big enough for both infant car seats as well as toddler ones.

Packing for you:

This is sorta the easy part. Pack all the cute outfits you bought for this trip, but don’t forget the comfy shoes!

If you’re breastfeeding don’t forget those awesome, disposable boobie pads and of course, your pump if that’s something you do!

I think that’s pretty much it. Don’t go crazy packing! Start packing days in advance so that you can be sure all angles are covered. Remember, if you forget something, you can always go to a store at your destination and pick it up there-unless it’s your child’s favorite blanket or something, that wouldn’t be a good thing to forget!

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Happy packing!