What To Expect When Expecting Your FIRST CHILD

Congratulations mama! You have embarked on one of the wildest journeys of life called Motherhood!
I say that in a good way—Motherhood is amazing and if you’re nervous like I was, I’m here to tell you not to worry, you’re going to be an amazing mother.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. I must admit that I wish I would’ve embraced my pregnancy with Lucas a bit more than I did! I was so caught up in worry and fear that I did not enjoy my pregnancy as much as I would’ve loved to.

Expecting your firstborn child is a wonderful blessing.

Whether planned or unplanned the word of God says that children are a gift from God, it even says that they are rewards from Him. How humbling is it to know that the creator of the universe saw it fit to entrust us with such precious gems, and to top it off he says that He has given them to us as REWARDS– because we DESERVE them! I emphasize deserve because during my pregnancy I fell into a deep depression because I felt unworthy, incapable and undeserving! I want to remind you mama that God CHOSE YOU and ONLY YOU to be the mother of that miracle in your womb. He knew that you would be the perfect fit for that child. Do not let any human, nor devil take that joy away from you.

So, I know that people have already been coming to you with wanted and unwanted advice and information about pregnancy, that’s the norm. But I wanted to give you a heads up on a few other things that may or may not have happened to you already. Things that you may be feeling and wondering if you are the only mother to be facing such situations. Things that are pleasant and some things that are not. Here it goes!


-Get some type of morning sickness.

When people hear morning sickness they immediately think of vomiting every morning, and though many women do have that kind of morning sickness, others have a milder form of morning sickness called nausea. That’s the kind that I had and it was terrible! Thankfully after the first trimester, it went away but boy was that rough and uncomfortable. Studies say that if a pregnant woman is undergoing morning sickness that means that the body is doing what it needs to do for the baby, nonetheless it’s not the most pleasant part of pregnancy. If you’re going through it right now, I pray for strength and that it will NOT last through your whole pregnancy!

-Be tired a lot!

A growing human is sucking life and energy from you to develop into a beautiful little being. No, you’re not lazy, your body is on overdrive nourishing and sheltering another being! Get your rest on mama, you’re going to need as much of it now for the times you’ll miss out on once he/she is born!

-Overthink about how you will manage with a baby in the picture.

This is completely normal. Your mind is naturally going on mama lioness mode, thinking ahead on the things you will need to provide for your baby. Whatever your situation is, remember that God GAVE you this child which means that He will supply every need for your child!

-Feel weird.

Your body is undergoing a lot of changes, it’s normal to feel unlike yourself. A baby is growing inside of you and that will reflect on the outside of your body! You may be growing in unexpected places like maybe your feet? You may feel like you’re waddling. You may feel heavy and uncomfortable. At times all this growing may feel unpleasant, but just take a deep breath and soak it in, YOU’RE GROWING A BABY and it’s only for a season. Trust me when I say it goes by fast and who knows, maybe a couple months down the road you’ll start missing those feelings.

-Feel emotional.

I was an emotional wreck during my pregnancy. The hormones have a lot to do with your emotions being out of wack, nevertheless, if you are constantly worrying, stressed, and crying, you should seek support from your friends, family and if it’s severe, your doctor. Pregnancy depression is a real thing and it’s really not pleasant to have to endure, get the help that you need so that you can enjoy every bit of your pregnancy.

-Feel gassy or get acid reflux.

Not everyone goes through this but it does happen to a lot of women. If you have gas let it out, who cares! It’s 10 times worse when you hold it in! And if you have acid reflux, Tums is one of the best things out there for that!

-Go on overboard cleaning mode.

This my dear is called NESTING. It’s completely normal. Your mama instincts are kicking in and telling you that it’s time to make your home a baby friendly place.

-Have Pregancy Brain.

It’s a thing girl! Don’t be so hard on yourself though. It’s just a phase.. well, only for some people. But there are still ways to manage! No one can have worse pregnancy brain than me, during my pregnancy the thing that I would ALWAYS  lose was my CAR! You’re probably like, “Your car? What?” Yes, MY CAR! I worked in the big ol’ messy and busy city of New York–Upper East Side to be exact and every time I came out of work I found myself walking blocks searching for my car that I thought I had parked on 84th street but ended up parking on 83rd. Ay yai yai! I would call my husband or my mother crying because I felt so dumb! And guess what, that wasn’t the only place it would happen! It would happen when I went to the supermarket or to any other parking lot. After a while, I caught on and started noting on my phone the two streets I parked in between or which parking lot lane I was in. Write things down mama, put reminders on our phone, you’ll get through this just like I did!


-Insist on telling you how YOU will feel during your pregnancy.

When I say people I mean men, women, mothers, and none mother- because everyone becomes pregnancy experts when they see a pregnant woman! Don’t believe everything you are told and if people are getting out of hand with their two cents, you have every right to let them know that their input is not needed.

-Stare at you.

These stares will be from people you know and from strangers, and no they will not be staring at your eyes, honey. Some people are a little less creepy and stare with a smile but some don’t and it’s weird but don’t even let it bother you.

-Want to help you with heavy things.

There are still some nice people in this world and you will occasionally come across a person who is willing to help you carry your bags or heavy things at the supermarket. Take advantage of all the help you can, not everyone is that nice.

-Treat you like you are handicapped.

You will come across people who think that just because you are pregnant, you cannot do ANYTHING to ensure the full safety and security of your unborn child. This can get a bit annoying. I was about 4 months pregnant when my husband and I decided to go to Florida to break the news to some family over there. I was on the phone with my dad telling him that I was at the airport getting ready to head out and his response was, “Can you even do that in your condition?” MY CONDITION?! You can only imagine my face after hearing that. I reminded him that I was pregnant with a baby not physically disabled. Oh dad! So yea, be aware of those people.

-Compliment you and say you’re glowing even when you feel like an alien.

This is one of the plus sides about being pregnant. You get ALOT of compliments.  Embrace them, girl. You’re going to have your good days, where you feel like a baby bump model who’s ready to run a marathon and you’re going to have your bad days where you don’t even want to move from your bed and feel that cows in tutus look cuter than you. Regardless of how you feel, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU ARE CARRYING LIFE. YOU ARE A SUPERWOMAN!

 -Suggest baby names.

People ALWAYS want to add their two cents. Even when you don’t ask for it. So be prepared for the name suggestions. From family, friends, people you run into on the street. They’re gona do it, so here’s your warning.

Last but NOT LEAST!

We all know that WE women are the ones that have to endure the brunt of the pregnancy, but science does say that expectant fathers go through some hormonal changes themselves. Weight gain, mood swings and some even go through a degree of morning sickness as well! Isn’t that crazy?

I say that to say this, you didn’t bring that baby to this world alone! Yes, you may hate your partner’s guts at times, as I did for the majority of my pregancy, BUT this is a beautiful experience that you both can share, and if he wants to be apart of  the process, embrace it, try to tame those emotions and make this transition into parenthood as smooth as possible for the both of you.


What weird things have you gone through during your pregnancy? Can you relate to any of these things? Please share below!