What You Need to Know About Baby Wipes

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Did you know that the majority of baby wipes on the market contain Sodium Benzoate, parabens and a whole bunch of other harmful chemicals that we don’t know about?

These harsh chemicals can cause rashes, breakouts, allergic reactions, dry skin, etc.

I admit, during my pregnancy, I was the crazy new mama researching all sorts of things to prepare for my little one.

I am still a little crazy when it comes to these things, but it’s only because I want the best for my baby– I mean, what mother doesn’t?

My husband and sister-in-law have really sensitive skin, so during throughout my pregnancy, I always wondered if that would be passed down to my son.

Before Lucas was born I went to an awesome Baby Show at the Chelsea Piers in New York City.

The number of products and information displayed and advertised was a bit overwhelming, but I fell in love with ONE specific product that I still rave about today.

WaterWipes Baby Wipes
These are the best wipes ever invented!
There’s just something about not feeling sticky or smelling a little weird after wiping your hands with a baby wipe.

Not only that, but these wipes are chemical free so they don’t cause any reaction to my baby’s skin. They are 99.9% water and they work like magic on Lucas’ bottom, face, hands, neck, etc. They also come in handy when I need to wipe my hands down as well! I just love them.

Aside from the story, I’m about to share, Lucas has yet to have a breakout or allergic reaction to anything.


Dealing With His First Rash

When Lucas was first born, I only used WaterWipes on him. Thanks to my family who supported my wipe preference, we had boxes of Waterwipes stocked up.

A few months passed by and one day I sadly ran out of the wipes! I was pretty late and I was home alone with the baby so I couldn’t go out to buy some more until the next day.

So, I did what anyone else would’ve done, I found an alternative.
In this case, my alternative was a small pack of Huggies wipes that came in a wipe holder that I had recently bought.

I debated using them, but I figured, “hey, tons of other babies are being wiped with these, let me just try them.”

My, my, my was that a huge mistake.

That same night, Lucas got his first diaper rash!

The poor little guy was so uncomfortable and would cry whenever something touched his little butt. I felt SO bad, I wanted to cry with him. I really felt like such a bad mom! How could I use those wipes on his sensitive skin, knowing that it has chemicals in it?

Ugh! I still get a little upset about it.

Thankfully his rash didn’t last long. I took care of it by using this awesome diaper cream from DNA Miracles and the rash was gone in no time.

As for those other wipes? GARBAGE.

Our babies’ skin is so sensitive and it really is up to us to protect it and nourish it now while they are small so that they won’t have issues with it later on in life. It’s very important that we, as mamas, be knowledgeable of the harmful hidden chemicals being put in our everyday products, and being mindful of them when we go shopping.

Lesson Learned

That experience with Lucas definitely solidified my decision to keep everything as natural as possible for him.

I also learned two things:

1. Always follow my instincts

2. Always make sure to have sufficient wipes before all stores close!


At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Every baby is different and reacts differently to different products.
But, if you ask me, WaterWipes Baby Wipes ARE THE WAY TO GO!



*This post contains affiliate links*

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