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A Disabled Mama Who Makes Every Minute Count

There are two types of people in this world:
The one that sees disability as an inability, and the one that sees it as just another challenge to conquer.
This week’s Inspirational Mama is a warrior mama! She gets up every day, despite her physical pains, and does what moms do…everything!
Check out the wonderful method shes uses for managing the madness in her home.

Surviving School As A New Mama

It’s been almost a month since the Spring semester ended and now, almost four weeks later, is that my anxiety of feeling like I have a …

A Single Mama’s Triumph

The highlight person for this week’s inspiration is a woman of valor and integrity.
A woman who many people look up to, including myself.
A woman full of strength and courage.
Someone who I’ve always aspired to be like.
The Inspirational Mama for this week is MY MAMA!